Our Quick 3 Hours Stop in Capri

Capri is one of Italy’s colorful seaside towns. It’s a quick 25 minutes ferry ride from Sorrento. With nothing planned for this town, we walked straight to a tourist center after deboarding to see where we should go/eat. Since we only had a few hours, we took the funicular (cable car) from Marina Grande to the top of Capri, Piazzetta. Make sure you go here after you get off the ferry, otherwise you will wait in a long line to get into the upper part of Capri.

Piazza Umberto I is the famous square filled with restaurants and shops on the island of Capri, Italy. As we wander from the piazza, we noticed a long line to a store. Everyone was waiting for Gelateria Buonocore. This shop has over 2,400 reviews with 4.5 stars. They have a lot of pastries, but the gelato is the dessert you have to get. We ordered two fresh made waffle cones with two gelato flavors each.

There are maps everywhere that show you nearby attractions. The first stop we walked to was Belvedere Tragara which is an observation deck with a view of Faraglioni. It’s three old rock formations that emerge from the sea. One of the rock formations is named the Faraglione di Mezzo that has a hole large enough for a small boat to pass through.

Our next stop was Arco Naturale which is a natural limestone arch. The footpath brings you up close to the remarkable arch. This arch is 12 m wide (39 feet).

We started to head back to funicular so we can catch the ferry going back to Sorrento. We were lucky to catch the sunset on the ferry.

Capri was a good island to explore for a few hours. There were more things to do but we were constrained on time. We love the beautiful and easy trail by the coastline where you can see the famous rock formations, arches, and beautiful Capri’s homes.

Rating: 7.0/10.0
What Have I Learned: The ferry time is always changing depending on the weather/wind so you have to check with the ferry ticket office. Also, be prepared to walk down steep steps from Piazza Tasso to get to the Port of Sorrento.
Cost (Ferry): 20.70 Euros (24 USD)
Hour: Ferry is available as early as 7 AM and as late as 7 PM from Sorrento
Cost (Funicular): 2 Euros (2.33 USD)
Hour: Funicular runs from 6:30 AM to 9:20 PM
When did you go to Capri? October 2019

  1. I’ve not been to Capri, although I’ve visited that region of Italy before. Looks absolutely stunning, and those gelati you got are massive (what were the flavors?)! Italy is such a beautiful country, and I’d love to return to see Capri for myself. Thanks for sharing this memory!


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