Where to Eat in Bali

Growing up in NYC with access to over 25K restaurants and all types of cuisines, I am surprised that I never tried Indonesian food until I went to Bali. Having gone to Bali twice, you would think I would have tried all their famous dishes but I still haven’t so I listed all the places I tried as well as some famous Indonesian dishes.

Warung Nikmat

My driver recommended this restaurant with a large selection of authentic Bali food. There were a bunch of locals and tourists eating here. This is a buffet-style restaurant where it’s pay as you eat, the more eat, the more you pay but it’s worth it. I ordered the beef rendang, veggies, and white rice which was delicious and cheap. The beef rendang was tender, spicy, and rich in flavor.

Rating: 7.5/10.0
What Have I Learned: The staff speaks English and helps explain what each dish is/contains.
Cost: A veggie, meat and rice dish cost 30,000 IDR (2.05 USD)
Hour: Mon to Sun: 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Gabah Restaurant & Bar

I was looking for a place to grab dinner and found this near my hotel. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Kuta, this place has great Balinese food and service. I love it so much the first time that I brought my friend and her mom to this restaurant my second time in Bali. We ordered Mie Goreng Gabah (fried noodles) with shrimp and Nasi Tumpeng (turmeric rice, shredded chicken, egg omelet, soya bean curd, long beans, and chicken satay).

Rating: 8.5/10.0
What Have I Learned: If you’re a party of 4, check out the Balinese Royal Kingdom Feast or Balinese King Rijsttafel which is a huge platter with a variety of Balinese dishes where you can try a little of everything accompanied by traditional Balinese music.
Cost: Most entrees cost about 100,000 IDR (7.00 USD)
Hour: Mon to Sun: 7:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Jukung Bali Seafood

We are so happy that we decided to have a seafood dinner on the beach and we made it right on time to watch the sunset. We ordered the Romantic package (perfect for 3 people) which included lobster, crab, calamari, fish, sea prawn, mussel, soup, rice, vegetable, fruits, and beers. There are other packages which include the same food but just more of it. The seafood is good but I think it was the overall experience watching the sunset on the beach with dinner that made this one of the most memorable dinners.

Rating: 8.0/10.0
What Have I Learned: The restaurant has a traditional Balinese dance show at 7 PM and you can take pictures with the dancers after the show.
Cost: Romantic Package cost 1,350,000 IDR (92.00 USD)
Hour: Mon to Sun: 8 AM to 11 PM

More Restaurant Recommendations:

Oops Restaurant and Bar – This is a great dinner place after shopping all day at the Ubud market across the street. We ordered the delicious chicken curry in a coconut and black pepper beef tenderloin.

Sawah Indah Resto – I had their specialty crispy duck for lunch with a beautiful view of the rice paddy field.

More Indonesian Dish Recommendations:

  • Babi Guling – The pork is soaked in coconut water and rubbed down with spices like chili, garlic, turmeric, and ginger, giving this dish a truly unique flavor.
  • Nasi Goreng – Indonesia’s version of fried rice and the steamed rice is soaked with a thick soy sauce called keycap and is flavored with chili, shrimp paste, onion, garlic, and tomato sauce.
  • Bakso – The meatballs are soft and springy, made from chicken, beef, pork, or even some combination of the three. It’s normally served with rice or egg noodles, boiled eggs, some chili, and some fried onions.
  • Martabak – This is Indonesia’s version of a pancake (thicker than crepe) usually filled with anything from chocolate and nuts to cheese is only available in the evening.
  • Sop Buntut – It is a healthy and hearty soup with fried or barbecued oxtail.
  • Pempek – This is a fish and tapioca cake that is available in different flavors, shapes, and sizes. The most popular variation is called kapal selam, which includes an egg in the middle.
  • Siomay – Indonesian’s version of dim sum. It’s steamed fish dumplings that is served with steamed potato, cabbage, and eggs.

  1. That seafood platter at Jukung Bali Seafood is a FEAST; I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a party to finish all of that! Similarly, I’ve had limited experience with Indonesian food, which gives all the more reason to make a trip to Indonesia to have it– and it being the real deal!


    1. Yeah I went with my friend and her mom on my second trip to Bali. If I ever go back, I want to check out a different seafood restaurant to see what they offer. There are so many famous Indonesian dishes to try!

      Liked by 1 person

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