DIY Koi Pond Hand Painted Plant Pot

If you read my first painted plant pot blog then you know I brought a bunch of plants right after the Covid 19 lockdown. I don’t have a green thumb so I purchased some Snake plants that are known to be easy to care for. The first Skyline plant pot I painted was so fun that I decided to paint two more plant pots. I searched on Pinterest for ideas and found a tutorial on how to paint a koi pond plant pot that didn’t look too hard to do.

Here are a few things you’ll need to do this DIY:

6″ Terracotta pot (2.99 USD) – It can be any size but I used a 6″ for this DIY
6.5 Terracotta saucer (1.99 USD)
Clay Pot Sealer (9.49 USD)
Acrylic Paint (8.99 USD)
Paintbrushes (11.99 USD)
Something to cover the table/floor to prevent getting paint on it (I used an old magazine – FREE)

Total Cost for this DIY Project: 35.45 USD
*Michaels normally has a 20% off coupon so join their rewards program to get the discounts.

Step 1

Seal the pot by spraying the outside of the plant pot. Make sure you spray it outdoor and let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 2

Paint the whole plant pot and the saucer white.

Step 3

I used grey paint to draw the rocks all around the whole plant pot and the saucer. I tried to do all different shapes and sizes.

Step 4

Fill in some of the rocks with grey paint.

Step 5

I used white paint to draw and fill in the koi fish shape. Then I added orange, red, and black paint on the koi fish.

Step 6

The last step was to add in the green lily pads with white lines on them.

Overall, this was another fun and easy DIY plant pot painting that can be completed in a few hours (not including sealing the pot). If you end up doing this, let me know how yours turn out and how you like this DIY.

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